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Hästskovägen 1
SE-813 33 Hofors

Ph: +46 70 560 75 31

The easiest way of contacting customer Service is by sending us an e-mail:


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Stjernsundsprodukter as trademark (head owner INS i Hofors AB) was put out for sale 08.01.2014. The company is still out for sale and we no longer furnish the market with any new products. We still offer a limited assortment of spare parts ( but no leatherette ). Information will be updated.



About the massagetable:

"I would like to tell you that your Feldenkrais table is of the highest quality and is the best one I have worked with so far."Bernhard Mumm, Heilpraktiker Berlin

" I work with classical massage and connective tissue massage, and chose Stjernsunds massage tables partly for the arm rests, which can be shaped to fit the arms, and also for the head rest which I thought was more comfortable."
Jan Nielsen, Massageservice Malmö

Massage tables from Stjernsundsprodukter

About the Energy chair:

" The Energy chairs are so beautiful that they are left out. The attractive and inspiring design tempts people to book a massage". Marie Strömdahl, Hasseludden Stockholm

" The Energy chair is the Swedish original and developed for energy massage. I was attracted by the ingenuity, flexibility, stability and design of the wooden chair.". Larsjöran Jordhammar, Örebro

About the work stools in various models:

" A fantastic stool, which I chose after having tried several others. I say this to everyone I meet ".
Ewa Olsson, Östersund

" The clean shape of the stool with the small adjustable seat and the soundless wheels feel like realcraftsmanship."
Maria Ekholm, Norna Naturterapi