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Foldable tables in wood from Stjernsundsprodukter

Foldable massagetables made from woodStjernsundsprodukter offer perfect tools for work for all types of body treatments. Massage tables and chairs of high quality. All made from wood, with great precision in the smallest detail. The Stjernsund tables are solidly built, and can be raised or lowered with a simple manipulation. They are also foldable, which makes them easy to transport.
A Stjernsund product is also a beautiful piece of furniture, and looks as good in a practice as in an office or at home.

Here are the perfect tools for all types of body treatments.
The Stjernsund tables are attractive, portable wooden tables with an ingenious height adjustment. The pleasant feeling of wood creates a warm and inviting environment. The stability and great flexibility of the massage tables makes the easy to work with, for both therapist and client. As awareness of the importance of and opportunities for preventative healthcare grows, massage tables are constantly finding new users.

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Primo 68, 73 or 83 cm Feldenkrais 82 cm Mini 52 cm Primo Mini 60 cm Quattro, 68 cm
Primo 68, 73 or 83 cm is an excellent table for Rosen therapy, zone therapy and tactile massage, among others. Head rest and also a hole in the table for the head rest are available as accessories. There is plenty of room under the table for legs and knees. The Feldenkrais table was developed in co-operation with Feldenkrais teachers to fulfil the exact needs of teachers and therapists. The height adjustment is very simple. The table is beautiful, functional and is sold throughout Europe. 

Mini 52 cm is perfect for therapists working with classical massage. You can get close up and have lots of room for your legs under the table. The head rest and the arm rests (scooped wooden arm rests) fit inside the table during transport.




 Primo Mini 60 cm is suitable for therapists who use many different forms of treatment. The table offers comfort and a feeling of security, without being wide or heavy to work at. The chamfered corners provide freedom for upper arms and shoulders. The Quattro table has four rounded corners and is suitable for Polynesian/Hawaiian forms of massage, where you move rapidly around the table during the massage. The rounded corners mean that you can always get close up.