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Picture Patrick Bruseberg,  The Feldenkrais method with Martina Picture Patrick Bruseberg,  The Feldenkrais method with Martina The Feldenkrais method With Martina BrusebergCustomer comments

Feldenkrais table:

Martina Bruseberg (see attached pictures from my practice) "We have had the Stjernsund table at our practice for five years. We have just moved to larger premises and the Feldenkrais table managed the move without any problems. It still looks totally new and the clients feel comfortable and secure when they lie on it. The stuffing and the cover are still of the highest quality. We can definitely recommend this beautiful and practical piece of furniture."

Jan Nevelius, shiatsu therapist and shiatsu teacher at Axelsons Body Woork School "During the spring I bought a Feldenkrais table and a Cloverleaf stool for my shiatsu practice. Although you usually work on a futon mattress on the floor with shiatsu, I find it comfortable to vary this with shiatsu on a table. I must say I was greatly and positively surprised by the fantastic possibilities of practising shiatsu on such a table. Thanks to the design of the table and stool, I feel you can do shiatsu without losing the unique shiatsu feeling. I can really recommend this combination for shiatsu practicians who want to vary their work or simply cannot work on the floor. If you want to give treatment on the floor, you quite simply fold the table up and put it to one side."

Bernhard Mumm, Heilpraktiker, Berlin "I would like to tell you that your Feldenkrais table is of the highest quality and is the best one I have worked with so far. Over the last few years I have convinced quite a few colleagues to treat themselves to your table instead of others available on the market. And not just Feldenkrais teachers. Last year, a well-known shiatsu therapist from Stockholm saw my table and was interested. He in turn is now recommending your table to shiatsu pupils."

Ulla Schläfke & Roger Russell, Heidelberg "We have used portable Feldenkrais tables for more than 20 years. Stjernsund tables are our favourites. They are reliable and built to a very high quality, are attractive and have an ingenious height adjustment. We feel that they are excellent for our needs and we can recommend the tables to all others who work with Feldenkrais."

Primo tables:

Catharina, Stockholm "This simple table offers many possibilities as it can be complemented with so many accessories. It looks good and is suitable for many different forms of treatment. I work both as a zone therapist and also using the Rosen method, and the table is suitable for both."

Crister I like the look and the construction, but it is very heavy and without the wheel set it would be difficult to bring along."

Anna-Karin The table is incredibly beautiful and there are so many smart solutions. I have had my table for 10 years and work on it daily, mainly with tactile massage, but also with classical massage. The only thing I do not like is the new head rest. I prefer my old one, which I am still using.

Mini 52 cm:

Jan Nielsen, Massageservice, Malmö I work with classical massage and connective tissue massage, and chose Stjernsund tables partly for the arm rests, which can be shaped to fit the arms, and also for the head rest which I thought was more comfortable. Stjernsund tables give the impression of beautiful and solid craftsmanship, apart from being excellent tools for work."

Josef, Gothenburg "The table is small and flexible, but I wish it was possible to lower the arm rests a bit more. Otherwise the table is absolutely the finest and best I have either seen or worked on."

Primo Mini 60 cm:

Maria S. "In my work, it is important that the surface you do the treatment on is comfortable and stable. The Stjernsund table in its adapted design fulfils the requirements and offers a stable basis for my work. The rounded corners of the table guarantees a good flow in the work and better close contact with the clients.

Larsjöran Jordhammar Apart from teaching, I work as a certified masseur with energy massage and classical massage at companies and in my own practice. The massage table is fantastically comfortable to work with. The craftsmanship is solid, and at the same time the table is convenient to bring along and unfold. It is durable, has a comfortable and supple stuffing and comfortably shaped supports for arms and head."


Jakob "The table has a beautiful finish and is relatively flexible. I really like the rounded corners, which mean I can get very close to the client. The head rest is flexible and comfortable and the whole table is a fine piece of furniture."