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Benny Hald in actionCustomer comments

The Energy Chair

Benny Hald "I bought my Energy chair right after completing my training course in October 1997 and I still use the same chair. The chair has now passed through 10,5 years and 9000 massages . Yes, it is of course worn and torn, but I think this adds more charm to it. However, the protective bag for the chair has been changed during this period.
The chair has travelled with me to many places and it caused wonder wherever I erected it. It has been to Austria, Switzerland, Italy ( Among others a massage at Piazza San Marco ), Spain ( The Canaries, Mallorca and in Barcelona ) France ( at the Film Festival in Cannes for two years ), Croatia, Macedonia, Greece, Copenhagen ( Denmark ), Oslo ( Norway ), Australia for 9 months and in New Zeeland . The chair has also been with me to South Africa where I gave massage to the staff at Etafeny Day Care center ( free of charge of course) in Cape town ( see picture ). After the tsunami in 2005, we went to Aceh in Sumatra where I offered massage to some aid workers and a few locals. The Energy chair from Stjernsundsprodukter is a solid, fine piece of Swedish handcraft.
Sven Forslund, the inventor and designer of the chair, took a training course in Energy massage himself, to be able to produce a chair well thought-out and appropriate for the purpose. This indicates the accuracy and quality in the product. This is the only original Energy massage chair available in the market, and I refuse to work with anything but a Stjernsund chair."

Ali Peter "Around 6 months ago I bought your Energy chair and I must say that the construction is fantastic. High quality in combination with beautiful design, good functions and solid craftsmanship. Thank you!"

Birgitta Dahl, Nyvana Företagsmassage i Stockholm "We rent out masseurs to companies, and provide the type of massage requested. Energy massage is very popular. We bring with us Energy chairs on planes, along cobbled streets, in lifts, everywhere. The Energy chair is extremely tough and easy to bring along. And then of course Stjernsundsprodukter offer fantastic service."

Marie Strömdahl, Hasseludden i Stockholm "We have designed Hasseludden as a harmonious whole. We use the Energy chairs both in the treatment section and also in the conference section, where guests are offers break-time massage. The Energy chairs are so beautiful that they are left out. The attractive and inspiring design tempts people to book a massage."

Jan Nielsen, Massageservice Malmö Although I do not work with energy massage, I have an Energy massage chair in my practice. The construction of the chair makes it useful for so much else, for instance when I do connective tissue massage. It is also excellent for treating pregnant women who cannot lie down, or older people who have blood pressure problems."

Larsjöran Jordhammar, Örebro "The Energy chair is the Swedish original and developed for energy massage. All other chairs on the market are copies. The chair can be adjusted for different body builds and the strain on the client's back muscles disappears almost entirely. I was attracted by the ingenuity, flexibility, stability and design of the wooden chair."