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TimberDala-Husby Snickerifabrik.

Keith Södergren - Hedemora Tidning 23 November 1993

"Dala-Husby Snickerifabrik was one of half a dozen local joinery companies. In the early 70s, big industry took over. Almost 20 men lost their jobs as the giants swallowed up the market. Now the joinery has gained new life blood, thanks to the popular massage furniture from Koberga.

"It was pure chance. We were chasing all the work we could get," says Erling Hag. "Now we have so much work we can barely fit it in."
Erling and his brother Arne run the workshop. Their nephew Robert and Erling's wife Siv also work at the joinery.
The massage furniture from Koberga is selling ever better, which has led to the former joinery workshop now doing everything up to assembly and packaging.

Sven Forslund

The inventor,Sven Forslund and his wife Iréne now have their hands full with sales and marketing.
"Last year we had a small dip, but this autumn things have picked up in a big way again," says Sven.
Just over 1000 tables and chairs can now be found at the practices of masseurs and other therapists.
Most of the massage furniture is sold in Sweden, but since a year or so ago, some are exported, primarily to Norway and Finland.

German interest

Now German customers have also discovered the tables and chairs from Koberga.
"We could not afford any marketing, but through courses and active therapists, the tables have become known by an increasing number of people," says Sven.
The increase in interest in the chairs and tables may even provide further jobs, but so far they dare not recruit anyone new.


Erling and Arne are of course happy to keep the workshop going. Once upon a time, more than 20 men worked here.
"In the old days we made doors, windows and fittings for new builds, but then the big manufacturers arrived and took over. In recent years it has been more speciality joinery of various kinds, but not to the same extent as in the 60s," says Erling.
The company has lots of solid competence in the joinery area. It is much needed. "The massage furniture has ingenious constructions that require an exact fit right to the smallest detail."

Keith Södergren - Hedemora Tidning 23 November 1993