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Energy massage in South AfricaEnergy massage

The original Energy massage comes from China and Japan and are built upon acupressure and traditional Anmamassage.


Acupressure is based on the fact that energy circulates in the body in different channels or so called Meridians. The Meridians are connected to important organs in the body which are connected with each other after a given system. There are twelve different related organs in the body. These are exactly the same on both sides of the body. Each one of these Meridian has a complementary Meridian whitin the same element ( see the five elements ). Beyond these twelve Meridians the body also consist of one Meridian in the front and one in the back. These fourteen are the most common and the most frequently used.

Each Meridian has a physical and a psychological function. The Meridian is working with different strengths on different times. It takes approximately one day for the Meridian of the lungs to return to start position.

Often, we have too much or too less energy in the different Meridians. Imbalance creates diseases and unhealthiness. Treatment trough stimulation creates balance in the energy flow and strengthens the body. The body gets a better balance and keeps therefore healthier.

The Energy Chair visits South AfricaEnergy massage in Sweden

The massage was brought to Sweden in the middle of the 80s through USA and Jasmin Ewanoski, teacher at Axelson Body Work School. The massage started - suited for Sweden conditions, on a stool. Rather quickly a new chair was invented - "Energimassagestolen" (Energy massage chair). The father of the design and the construction was Sven Forslund. He constructed the chair in co-operation with Jasmin, manufactured by Idé & Hantverk (today Stjernsundsprodukter). The energy chair is a classic today.

Energy massageThe benefits of energy massage.

The massage increases the energy flow. The circulation of the blood stimulates the flow through the muscles rises and the lymph system activates. Everybody is in use of treatment, especially the one with tense muscles (pain in shoulders, neck and backache). For more information, read about Kabuki - the Energy massage on massage table.

How does it work?

The masseur works (after a given path) with rather quickly pressures on different acupressure points. You are sitting on an energy chair during the whole massage, which gives you the opportunity to relax. You don't have to undress. The massage can be given through a shirt or a sweater. The masseur works through your neck, back, shoulders, arms, head and your hands. Some of the points can be feeling tense. Tense muscles are a reaction from bad circulations. With massage the circulation and the energy starts flowing again.

How does it feel afterwards?

You are feeling fresh, full of energy and in balance. You can have that feeling for several days. The massage gives you a relaxing and a refreshing feeling.

When should I avoid treatment?

It's not suitable just after a heavy dinner or after for example, a marathon or comparable. For more information about energymassage, please contact LarsJöran Jordhammar.

Preventive health care

Energy massage is outstanding as preventive health care at work. Less absence due to illness is saving a lot of money for the companies. Moreover, the co-workers motivation for working environment and for the company consolidates. The need and the awareness from people and companies increase. As a step in preventive health care, more and more companies are giving the employees the opportunity to use massage during working hours.

Massage to the employees as a tax-free benefit?

Until now, massage has not been tax-free or tax-deductible. The Parliament of Sweden decided in January 2004 that massage at work are to be seemed as tax-free and tax-deductible. From now on it's easier for the employers to prevent unhealthiness among the employees.

Source: RSV and the Government, government number: 2002/03:123