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Hästskovägen 1
SE-813 33 Hofors

Ph: +46 70 560 75 31

The easiest way of contacting customer Service is by sending us an e-mail:


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Health careFriska Tag

Friska Tag is an affiliate which has been working with training courses related to preventive health care since 1997. Since 2001 the owner and operator of Friska Tag is INS/Stjernsundsprodukter. Training courses in Energy massage and Kabuki massage have been exercised together with Larsjöran Jordhammar, licensed instructor & diplomaed masseur all around Sweden.


Larsjöran Jordhammar

Since 2006 Friska Tag no longer offers any training courses in massage. If you are interested in any of the massage courses mentioned above or just need more information about the various massage forms, contact Larsjöran Jordhammar directly on phone: + 46 19 -10 35 35 or mobile phone: + 46 73- 702 25 93.

Friska Tag today

Friska Tag wants to inspire you to feel better. We offer lectures in different kinds of areas. Our experiences we share in a project called "Feeling- Great- At- Work". ( more information below )

Lectures via Friska tag

Fundamental mentally training: "Your experiences of life are 10 % depending on what really happens to you and 90 % of how you are reacting of the happened".
Lecturer: Kjell Johansson (read more about Kjell below).

Positive thinking: "A winner divides problems into small pieces so they get solvable. A looser on the other hand, takes small problems and merges it into one so they get unsolvable".
Lecturer: Kjell Johansson (read more about Kjell below).

Inside, out and upwards (cells, body and mind):
Who/what controls us, brain, heart, cells, ego or God?
Lecturer: Kjell Johansson (read more about Kjell below).

How do you lead your employees through difficulties?
How do you motivate your self as a leader?
Lecturer: Kjell Johansson (read more about Kjell below).

Lecture booking:

We do not offer any lectures outside of Sweden.

For further information please call:

Kjell Johansson
Mobile phone: + 46 70 560 75 31.

Phone: + 46 290 76 53 50

Kjell JohanssonAbout Kjell Johansson

Kjell is born and raised in Hofors, a small town in the province of Gästrikland. In Hofors he lives together with his wife, his three kids and his Swedish elkhound. Since 1988 he operates his own company,
INS i Hofors AB.

Stjernsundsprodukter is a part of INS. He shares his leisure time between golf, long distance shooting and hunting.

Kjell has a long interest in mental training, positive thinking and efficient leadership is long, but was brought up to date due to his successes whitin sport. A leader must be a positive idol and that's one of the driving forces for Kjell.

School children and employees in the municipality are some who have been taking part of Kjell´s lectures. Kjell is also engaged as a coach in creating new stars within golf.

Feeling Great at Work:

Feeling great at work are a part of a project we started in 2003.
The main idea is to inspire companies to see preventive health care as an investment at work. The aim is to make preventive helath care a natural part of the working week. This leads to more motivated personnel, less sickness days and a more efficient working place. It also leads to spread a positive image over the company.

Massage at Work is equivalent to preventive Health Care

The companies of Sweden are all aware off that healthiness leads to better and more efficient personnel. Today the scientists talks about "sick presence". An employee, who's not feeling well are present but not so efficient.

Research shows that it is very costly to have personnel at work which not feeling well. Today, everybody knows that massage (at work) helps people feeling better and makes work more efficient. Research shows that in every invested SEK, the company get five back. Because of the fact that massage treatment reduces tension in the muscles.

The Results from Massage:

  • Increased flow of energy in the body
  • Reduced obstruction in the body.
  • The circulation in the body rises.

Today, stress and pace of work often leads to muscle tensions which can be a contributory cause to heart diseases, backache, pain back in the neck, pain in shoulders, arms, hands and pain in the hip joint.

Continuous treatment

Continuos treaitment (twice a month) reduces tension in the body and gives the muscles opportunity to recover.

The Results:

  • Better health
  • Better immune defence
  • Increases the motivation and concentration Deduct the absence due to illness
  • * Better relationship with the employer
  • Less stoppages and easier planning

Expensive Absence for the Companies:

  • The short stay absence due to illness (day 1-28) costs SEK 1.024/ day, approximately SEK 200/hour.
  • The long stay absence due to illness (day 29-) costs SEK 160/day.
  • Each rehabilitation costs approximately SEK 700.000.

In average, approximately ten in each company will be having some form of rehabilitation. We propose "long term presence" instead of "long term absence".

Source: IFHO
International Fitness & Health Organisation