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Hästskovägen 1
SE-813 33 Hofors

Ph: +46 70 560 75 31

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Inspired by natureStjernsundsprodukter

A bit of history

Sven Forslund, who is the inventor and designer of all Stjernsundsprodukter, lived at Stjärnsund in the 1980s. He worked within Stiftelsen Stjärnsund ("the Stjärnsund Foundation", formed in 1984 and inspired by the Findhorn Foundation in Scotland. The foundation is run partly on a charitable basis, with a board that carries the over-riding responsibility. The foundation is completely independent of religious and political organizations ) and also worked with different types of treatments.

Own need

Initially in order to fulfil his own needs, Sven manufactured a treatment table from wood. Gradually, other therapists started ordering tables from Sven. New models with different accessories were added. The operation grew and moved 30 km, to Koberga in Dala Husby, where manufacturing was carried out at the Dala Husby Snickerifabrik joinery workshops. Three craftsmen of the old school were responsible for all the woodwork.

Growing range

The range grew to around 10 versions of treatment tables and the company Idé & Hantverk was formed, with more and more to do. Idé & Hantverk organized product development and sales. The products continued to be manufactured by Dala-Husby Snickerifabrik.

A massage chair was developed

Towards the middle of the 1980s, a massage chair was also developed. Many knowledgeable and committed persons contributed with both knowledge and ideas in the creation of a good chair. Among them were Hans Axelsson, founder of Axelssons Body Work School and Jasmin Ewanoski, teacher at Axelsons. In 1986, the first Energy chair was completed at Idé & Hantverk in Dala Husby.

"The Stjärnsund table" becomes a concept

Idé & Hantverk developed and sold the products from Dala Husby. Quality of life and health were the guiding words. Practicality and functionality were joined to beauty and feeling. The " Stjärnsunds table "became a concept due to Sven's time in Stjärnsund, and the name lives on still today. The "Stjärnsund table" is also called the Rolls Royce among massage tables, and we are proud of this.

Move to Hofors

In September 1998, the manufacturing of the products and the office moved to Hofors. Dala Husby Snickerifabrik was closed down in conjunction with the retirement of one of the owners. With the move, Idé & Hantverk was also dissolved and a new company formed (Stjernsundsprodukter AB). Two of the original joiners came with us to Hofors to safeguard the production and the famous "Stjärnsund quality".

INS Snickeri takes over manufacture

INS Snickeri joiners in Hofors took over the manufacture, while sales and customer contacts were run by Stjernsundsprodukter AB, the new name of the company.
Since 2001, Stjernsundsprodukter has been a part of INS Snickeri, but with its own office located at the joinery workshop. Arne Hag, one of the original joiners, worked with us until 2005, but now a younger generation has taken over since Arne retired. The new joiners worked side by side with Arne for more than 4 years to learn about the products, and a newly employed salesman has worked here since 2001, when INS also took over the sale of the Stjernsund products.
See Stjernsundsprodukter

Sven's ideas are retained

We are anxious to retain Sven's ideas and thoughts in our daily work. In many ways, we work just like in Sven's days. We keep no massage tables in stock, but manufacture them to order. We manage all the manufacture, assembly and also packaging here.
When a customer telephones with an order, a work order is produced and handed to the workshop, which starts the manufacture. Once the product is ready, freight documents are printed and we package and send the product to the customer.

Co-operation with teachers and therapists

Sven developed the table models in close co-operation with teachers and therapists to make sure the tables worked for their intended purpose. We therefore try out and test all new products and details together with therapists who know what they want. With their help, we achieve the best possible evaluation and immediate feed-back.
Sven, who is no longer among us, still lives on through the products. Customer from all over the world still telephone us asking for "the Sven table", and this makes us very proud.

The market

The market today looks much like it did in Sven's time. The greater part of sales is within Sweden.But we also sell to other EU countries (mainly Germany and Switzerland), and quite a lot is exported elsewhere.
A few of our export countries are: Norway, Switzerland, Dubai, Japan, Uganda, Thailand, the Maldives and USA.