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Hästskovägen 1
SE-813 33 Hofors

Ph: +46 70 560 75 31

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The Energy Massage on massage table

Kabuki is a shorter variant of the traditional Japanese Anmamassage and takes about 45 minutes.

Further development

Maybe it's time to go further after a 100 massages on chair? You might feel that you need more knowledge and information? Kabuki might be an alternative.

Customised massage

The kabuki is not as public as the energymassage and the benefits for the customers are a more varied and private massage. The working positions are not as vivid as in the Energy massage and the movements are slower. The working positions are lower, because normally, the height is lower than an ordinary massage table.

Massage given on a table

The Kabuki is a massage form given on an ordinary massage table. The client might use a comfortable sweater or get the massage lying down under a sheet.

How is the massage given?

The masseur is working powerfully from top to toe, over the organs related to the Meridians. You work with the forearms, carpuses and the thumbs in a slower tempo than massage based on chair. There are also more rotations and stretches in Kabuki. The massage is more correct in a traditional way, first you open up the Meridians and then you close. The masseur works whit single pressures and the carpuses are the most important tool for working with the Meridians. The masseur uses the thumbs on more important places.

Massage, Picture Dreamstime.comIs given in privacy

At work, Kabuki should be given in a more private place, for example a separate room. To offer massage both on chair and table are a virtue as well as offering different techniques for different clients.


For more information about Kabuki,
contact Larsjöran Jordhammar.