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Massage Preventive Health Care

Facts about health demands new


In Sweden, the laws regarding working environment are strict and the country invests more than the average in health care. In spite of all efforts, almost one million Swedes are sick because of stress-related diseases.


  • Sweden is one of the sickest nations in the European Union.
  • 334 000 Swedes are depending on welfare-pension or employment injury- benefit.
  • 122 000 Swedes are so sick that they lost their ability to work.
  • 65 % of these are women.
  • 100 Swedes getting worn out every day.
  • 488 500 gets temporary disability-pension.
  • 70 % of all sickness-days come from people who are put on the long term sick-list.
  • The welfare pension increases with SEK 32 millions per day.
  • The costs for unhealthiness was in 2004, SEK 114 billions. That's more than twice as much as the costs for school and education.

Source: Aftonbladet and M&M
Pronator Hälsoutveckling 2005-04-07

Profitable Health Care = Effective Companies.

The benefits from preventive health care are often reduced absence due to illness, increased work capacity, improved cohesion, reduced employee turnover and a good image especially to new employees. Research shows that in every invested SEK, companies get five back. The meaning of preventive health care is an individual suited good disposed training. The working capacity of an untrained person is 60 %. Therefore, to motivate the individual is important.

Preventive health care is profitable for companies, especially when the arrangements begins in an early phase and are forward looking. The profit increases with younger personnel and rehabilitation is more difficult than preventing bad health.

Reduced Absence.

Studies, both in Sweden and in the USA, show that preventive health care reduces absence.

Some examples from the US:

Mesa Petroleum had 50 % less absence (than similar branches), 1,6 days against 3,4 days.

General Mills had a reduction with 19 % absence for employees attended a health program, against 69 % for those who not participated.

Du Pont's clerks, which attended a preventive health care program had 14 % less sick days (11 726 sick days).

Systematical Arrangements.

A specialist of rehabilitation and economy says; - the arrangements repays rather quickly, if they are initially good. With good means systematically and individually suited.

Source: IFHO
International Fitness & Health Organisation

MassageMassage at Work

The Swedish Parliament decided that massage is to be seemed as preventive health care. Meaning; massage is not the same as rehabilitation.

The costs for the massage are tax-deductible and the employees will not be charged with extra tax.

The decision was taken by the Parliament in October 2003. The number of government bill is 2002/03:123. The new regulation applies from January 2004, "Working conditions includes everything from relations between human beings to material choices in the locals. Working environment also includes the wellbeing of the personnel. Formally, the responsibility for the working environment lies on the employer, but in fact, we are all each others working environment.

The positive effects of human touch are many. In one hand, it gives a lower pulse and a lower blood pressure which on the other hand gives less muscle tensions and lower levels of stress hormones. This eases the pain and helps the body to self heal. A significant part of preventive health care is therefore, human touch.

After work many people feel that they don't have time to exercise. Therefore many companies offer preventive health care during working hours - sometimes by a masseur attending the company (approximately 1-4 times/month). Some employers are giving the employees the opportunity to go to a clinic for massage during working hours. Others frankly see it as a benefit and offer both the massage and the clinic for free."

Massage Therapist - Anette Abrahamsson. "More and more companies consider Massage at work as an investment. Massage on regular basis lower the stress, rises the concentration and prevent work related diseases. This can reduce the expenses for absence due to illness.

Pain in the shoulders, pain in back of the neck and headache are often a combination between monotonic movements and monotonic job-assignments. The results are less satisfaction over the work and higher costs for the company. Massage treatment on the other hand, releases stiff muscles, raises the blood circulation and releases the hormone oxytocin."

Illicum Verum - Uppsala "Stress, heavy work and many hours in front of the computer leads to muscle stiffness. A massage therefore is an investment for your company. The costs for sickness due to muscle stiffness could easily be repaid by a massage. Massage improves and every employer knows that a happy employee leads to a better work. "

Fruit at workDifferent voices about preventive health care at work

Quote from a note about Mercatus Engineering's
investment in the personnel.

"Motivate your personnel".

"Investing in motivation pays off. Co- workers who are feeling well improves the profitability".

"Preventive Health Care, capacitating, fruit and common breakfast consolidates the motivation".

"Everything depends on how the organisation works and how the organisation takes care of the employees".

Source: Mediaplanet, number 4 March 2004.

Quote from a note about Massage as Preventive Health Care at Work.

"Massage at work saves the body when medical treatment shortens"

"The resources of medical treatment decreases. The long term sicknesses are a problem for the companies and are at the same time a threat against the welfare. To offer preventive health care during working hours is therefore a good investment. Preventive Health Care can be exercise (gym or swim hall) or massage. The costs for the massage are tax-deductible and the employees will not be charged with extra tax".

Source: Östgöta Correspondenten, 04-03-09

Quote from a note about massage at Carlsberg in Falkenberg:

"- A feeling of luxury, says Anna-Karin Olsson. She is going to have 30 minutes of relaxing massage down in the basement. She can enjoy a lovely and relaxing massage for only SEK 75. The company pays the rest. - I don't have to go looking for a parking place, it's just to go down when it's time, she says. Anna-Karin tells us that she feels that the body had lost a lot of stiffness. I'm feeling better and my body doesn't get as tired as before, she continues".

Source: Hallands Nyheter, 04-03-16

Quote from a note about massage at Focal Point in Linköping:

"Our company is working with program development and we know that people get pain in the neck, shoulders and backache", says Joachim Karlsson

"The body is not shaped for sedentary work. Once a month our employees go to a masseur down town. The masseur encourages them to do more exercise and also gives them instructions how to stretch out".

"Investing in massage is very prized by our personnel. Even small investments make big differences", he continues.

"All our employees got the offer and everybody accepted, especially afterward, when they noticed the difference. We want to prevent damages before they occur. Our company pays for all expenses. - It is health care and it is worth all the money. Our personnel are healthier, happier and more efficient. - The cost for the society would be more if we didn't do this".

Source: Östgöta Correspondenten, 04-03-09.

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