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Inspired by natureSven Forslund

Keith Södergren - Hedemora Tidning 23 November 1993

"Towards the end of the 1960s, Sven suffered a car accident that gave him chronic back problems. After having sought help from various doctors, Sven looked among types of alternative treatment and was both cured and bitten by the bug.

In the early 80s he did a course to learn massage. One thing led to another, and in 1986 the first "Stjärnsunds table" was complete. The Stjärnsund table is a foldable massage table, which over the years has become rather famous among masseurs and other therapists.

From Asia

The Energy chair is constructed for the ancient Asian energy massage, which has now reached Sweden. Like so much else of this type, energy massage made a detour via California, which is where Sven first came into contact with this form of treatment a few years ago.
"In California there are several practitioners who go around visiting places of work to give massage straight at the desk", says Sven. "I started to think about this and, once a course had been held in Sweden, clients started to get in touch."


Sven's massage chair looks like anything except a chair, but it is astonishingly comfortable. The chair is constructed so that it leaves 90 percent of the body free for treatment. The energy chair can be folded up and carried on the shoulder. Despite the requirement for it to be stable, Sven has managed to keep the weight down.
Sven does all the construction work. He has 25 years' experience as a constructor at Televerket, but in those days it was all about telephone exchanges and other telecoms gadgets.
Wood is the material throughout. With time, it has proved that many customers prefer wood.

Lots of work

Only in the last year have manufacturing and sales picked up speed. This year (1991), Sven and Iréne Forslund expect to sell just over 400 tables and chairs. During the first few years, Sven and Iréne had to work both with manufacturing and sales, but latterly most of the manufacturing has been taken over by their neighbour Dala- Husby Snickerifabrik and a couple of local small companies.
Now Sven and Iréne can divide their time between marketing and continuing to think up new products in this area, which is expanding in step with the growing interest in preventative health care and alternative forms of treatment."

Keith Södergren - Hedemora Tidning 23 November 1993