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MassageWhat is massage?

How does the massage affect you, physically, mentally and emotionally?

The secret from massage is a combination between pressure, contact and rhythm.

You start the treatment with some easy pressures with a gradually increase of pressures.

The treatment ends with easy pressures
when the wished effect occurs.

If you want to achieve maximum effect, it is important to have flexible hands and fingers which follow the shape of the body. It is also important that the movements and the contact between fingers and skin maintains. Massage can be used both on a chair and on a table.

The rhythm of the massage shall compare with the patients heartbeat.

The physically effects of massage:

  • The red corpuscle rises gradually.
  • The circulation of the blood and lymph rises.
  • The volume of the blood and the temperature in your muscles rises.
  • The blood pressure sinks (temporarily).
  • The connective tissue resists.
  • The knowledge of the body rises.
  • The breathing becomes deeper and easier.
  • The immune defence strengthens.
  • The muscles get more flexible and more elastic.
  • The muscles recover faster.
  • The level of stress hormone sinks.

The mental effects of massage

  • The capacity of relaxation rises.
  • The knowledge of the senses rises.
  • The knowledge of the connection between body and soul rises.
  • The mental stress decreases.

MassageThe emotional effects of massage

  • The need of touch and comfort strengthens.
  • The wellbeing strengthens.
  • The ability to express your feelings emotionally strengthens.
  • The ability to work whit emotional problems decreases.
  • The feeling of harmony and holiness strengthens.