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Energy chair standard (three-point support), plum

Foldable, adjustable massage chair in wood

6.488,00 kr VAT included
Article nr. E3F2
Brand Stjernsundsprodukter

Energy chair in red with standard headrestEnergy chair standard

The Energy chair is made from birch, is very stable and stands up to great stress. There are two different head rests to choose from: the classic three-point rest, which makes it easy to reach around the face and head and the soft cushion rest is perfect for treatments that take a bit longer, and where the need to reach around the face is not as great has an attractive design and first-class finish. The design and construction are based on genuine craftsmanship.

The chair is a flexible, stable and much appreciated working tool that stands up to great stress.
When the chair is folded up, it can be packed into a protective bag made from water-repellent nylon cloth in claret. The bag can be accessorized with large wheels. The Energy chair only weighs 11 kg and is therefore easy to carry or pull along in its bag.

The adjustable chair suits all sizes. The sitting position takes the load off the back and provides maximum comfort. The Energy chair is also a working tool and energizer offering many possibilities. It is suitable for Energy massage, connective tissue massage, acupuncture, laser treatment, etc.

The chair is available upholstered in three colours: navy blue, tan and plum.

The cover/leatherette on our products is a man-made material consisting of 70% cotton cloth and 30% polyester. The surface layer of polyester is coated with polyurethane. The material "breathes" and feels soft and comfortable. It is fire retardant and passes cigarette test BS5822 Part1.

Important to remember about the leatherette:

  • All liquids, such as perspiration, oil and even water, must be wiped off immediately. Polyurethane let liquids through, which can gather between the cotton cloth and the surface layer, with the result that the materials separate.
  • Always wipe with a slightly dampened cloth.
  • Never use strong detergents. Only use a mild soap solution (80% water and 20% mild soap).
  • Never use the table, cushions or seat in a damp condition.

The high product quality means that we offer a 10 year guarantee on the construction, manufacture and assembly. Every chair is signed, has a serial number added and is carefully checked before being packaged and posted.
We keep no goods in stock, but manufacture them to order. Guarantee documents and instructions always accompany the product.

An instruction video for the Energy chair